Nigeria population statistics show that over 70% of the population of the nation is under 30 (Thirty) years of age. And whilst half of this number is below the age of 18 years, 20 million of this figure are currently not engaged in any form of education or constructive activity. In many respects, they remain ignored by policies and society.

Global knowledge opines a glaring relationship between the preponderance of cults, gangs and criminality and youth dislocation; the former finds and recruits membership from the latter: a trend that will not end soon in Nigeria due to deepening societal upheaval, hunger and hardship.

This calls for urgent action to productively engage this segment of society and abate the imminent disaster this trajectory portends for the nation. This includes both capturing those not in any formal education and addressing the content and costs of socialisation for all children and youth in the nation.

“The devil makes work for idle hands to do” is an old proverb more commonly expressed as “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”

Unfortunately, aur children/youth are idle, robbed of activity and or locations/venues to create their own activity. This as most recreational venues (playgrounds, zoos etc.) in the nation have been demolished and replaced with residential and or commercial structures.

Even in the FCT, a model territory, most recreational grounds have been converted into residential areas and or venues (gardens) for the sale of alcohol and food, posing a problem for the youth imperative. Not only have all play areas for sports and recreation been misapplied and corrupted with adults and vices, but the existing children’s parks/amusement parks are also elitist, all contributing to the rising/exorbitant cost of socialisation for the children/youth.

This ugly reality results in children being locked up at home during their free time, without exercise, playing video games or roaming social media, with unwarranted negative exposure and long-term health implications. Most worrisome is the sharp increase in cults, gangs, substance abuse, leading to violence and suicide amongst our children and youth.

In this regard there is a need to “catch them young” wherein effort is primarily focused on children of school going age, primary and secondary, as a first line trench in pushing back miscreance through sports and recreational activity nationwide.

It is indeed global knowledge that social investment and service delivery are both cheaper and more effective in maintaining law and order and promoting peaceful coexistence than policing.

The provision of sports and recreation in our communities is an imperative of immense import, not only for the benefit of the children and schools, but also for the benefit of the youth and various communities, especially in the wake of rampant radicalisation and other insurgent activity in many parts of the country.

This is not to mention the lack of activity causing decay in the National Stadium and Multi-sports Complex wherein champions and championships are supposed to reign.

GOFIGURE Limited proposes to partner with the Federal Government, States and communities in the provision of sports and recreation venues in all Local Government Areas nationwide, for the operation of inter-school sports, school extra-curricular activity, community sports, sporting Leagues and championships, recreation programmes, and fusion of other social engineering mechanisms.

These facilities shall host a wide array of sports and recreation activities, and leagues therein, for the benefit of the schools and greater community, in partnership with existing authorities. In this regard, the twin concepts of sports and recreation can be deployed in various forms and types in local communities.

It is our conviction that this will serve to return sports to its rightful place of prominence in the school curriculum and national activity calendar whilst serving to “exercise the body in order to exercise the minds” of our children and youth. This will go a long way to address the rising rate of cultism and gang behavioural trends amongst this critical and precious segment of our society.   

To this end we welcome you to this site and pray your active participation and involvement in achieving the desired goals and objectives, such that together we can make today better for our children and the youth of the nation: and tomorrow better for our country Nigeria.

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