• Great vacuum exists in the area of sports, recreation and youth guidance/Counseling in Nigeria.
  • Most schools do not have the space or facilities to satisfy the Physical Education requirements of school curriculum.
  • Most school aged children and youth are deprived of locations for safe socialisation.
  • Most communities do not have sports and or recreational activity nor venue for same.
  • Most of our sports and recreational efforts are weighted on Football, to the exclusion of a wide spectrum of activities.
  • The absence of social activities and programs leaves children and youth exposed to the dangers of the internet, cults, and vices.
  • There is need to provide community venues for sports, exercise and interaction for our school aged children and teeming youths.
  • There is need to create sporting and recreational leagues to engage our children and youths and address youth exuberance.
  • It is an imperative to address youth idleness with purposeful activities and socialisation as panacea against the devil’s workshop.